Students' Portfolios

 BaoHan T. Vo

Biological Sciences
 Year of Study: 2nd year Ph.D. Student
 Mentor: Dr. Shafiq A. Khan, GRA Eminent
 Scholar and Professor of Biology

Research Experiences:
Transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-β) superfamily members
Translational research and cancer research

George P. Anderson, Yakelin A. Ortiz-Vera, Andrew Hayhurs, Jill Czarneck, Jason Dabbs, BaoHan Vo and Ellen R. Goldman. (2007). Evaluation of Llama Anti-Botulinum Toxin Heavy Chain Antibody. The Botulinum Journal 16: 100-116. Click here to link to the article.

Goldman Ellen R, Anderson George P, Conway Jerry, Sherwood Laura J, Fech Melissa, Vo BaoHan, Liu Jinny L, Hayhurst Andrew. (2008). Thermostable llama single domain antibodies for detection of botulinum A neurotoxin complex. Analytical chemistry 80(22):8583-91. Click here to link to the article.

Research Presentations:

BaoHan T. Vo and Shafiq A. Khan. Expression of Nodal, Its Cognate Receptors, and Its Biological Effects in Prostate Cancer Cells. Mol. Cancer Research.

BaoHan Vo and Shafiq Khan. 2010. Roles of Nodal in Prostate Cancer Progression. Abstract for Poster Presentation, 6th Annual National Symposium on Prostate Cancer at Clark Atlanta University, Atlanta, Georgia. Click here to link to the poster.

Research Interest:
Transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-β) superfamily members

Previous Degree Obtained:
Clark Atlanta University, B.S., Biology, May 2007,
Summa Cum Laude

RISE Scholar, 2008-present
Beta Kappa Chi, Biology Honor Society, 2005-Present
Atlanta University Center’s Alpha Epsilon Delta, Pre-Professional Health Honors Society, 2005-Present
Golden Key International Honor Society, 2004-Present
3rd Place Poster Presentation at the 3rd Annual National Symposium on Prostate Cancer, Clark Atlanta University, March 2007
MARC U*STAR (Minority Access to Research Careers/Undergraduate Student Training in Academic Research) Honors Program, 2005-2007
Clark Atlanta University Dean's List Eight Semesters, 2003-2007
Governor's Scholarship, 2003-2007
HOPE Scholarship, 2003-2007
University Studies Scholarship, 2003-2007
Burger King Award, 2003
Trumpet Award Scholarship, 2003
Kids Who Care – WXIATV Award, 2003

Career Aspirations and Goals:
Post-doctoral for two years and become a senior scientist or academic professor.